Here’s a small anecdote about how we came up with WABS.

Our trip to South East Asia introduced us to the light snack Tapioca chips which was the cornerstone for the birth of WABS.

WABS- Short for Without A Break Snacking, was a step towards the snacking experience of our fellow Indians.

Being in this industry for 1 and half years with milestones of touching 3. 5 lakh hearts with more than 75,000 packets sold out, we are now moving on to our next venture, WABS - Air Loops, Where lightness meets irresistible crunch.

Our Prebiotic, all-baked, Millets made light with tapioca snack is so airy that it practically melts on your tongue.

A perfect partner for your tea, coke, and every snacking moment in between.

But WABS is more than a snack; it's a lifestyle. Just like the little things we do without a break: Unlike Ross and Rachel, our relationship will always be without a break! 

So, join us in the adventure of snacking without limits. WABS – Because life is too flavorful to pause! 

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