Here’s a small anecdote about how we came up with WABS.

We were on our vacation at South Asia and one of us picked a packet of chips assuming it would be potato chips. But looking at the texture and the taste of it was so different than potato chips. The taste of the chips were so unique and it made us curious to know more about it. Apparently these chips are famous in the south like Tamil Nadu and Kerala. We kept getting these chips through our friends and one day we thought, people around India deserve to taste these chips. Hence we started with WABS Tapioca Chips. We tried out around 100 flavours through international chefs and picked the best ones for you. The ones on which we could not take a break from munching. 

Therefore our without a break love for tapioca chips from our trip brought us to WABS Tapioca chips in appetizing international flavors.  

We promise you that once you have tasted WABS Tapioca chips there’s no going back.The flavors are such that it would make you want to have more and more. And the best part about this snacking binge is it could be guilt free. No Gluten. No Grains. No Bloating.

Without A Break is for us more than just its literal meaning for snacking. The name is personal to our lives and we are sure you would resonate to it as well. We do things without a break because it makes us happy and sometimes it is just perseverance.

A lot of things in our lives go without a break because we all know consistency is the key.

Exercising every day to stay healthy and to get that summer body.

Taking a step towards buying that car you have always wanted to buy.

Having non-stop fun at a party on the weekends.

Making sure that your loved ones are doing well.

And of course having WABS tapioca chips.

Unlike Ross and Rachel our relationship would be without a break!

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